What disinfection products do we use?

The products we use belong to a Swiss patented formula, a unique blend of hydrogen peroxide and silver ideal for surface disinfection and water treatment. Combined with our electro static machines they becomes an invincible force in killing pathogens.

Are they safe and non-toxic?

Yes. The products have a very low toxicity rating, which means they’re safe for you, your pets, and the environment. In fact, the ingredients in our products have been used medicinally for hundreds of years to help boost the immune system.

Do the disinfection products have a harsh smell?

No. They are odour-free and clear.

Are the products environmentally friendly?

Yes. The ingredients in our disinfection products decompose into water and oxygen, and don’t contaminate the environment with any toxic by-products.

What does “touch-less disinfection” mean?

Wiping spreads germs from surface to surface. We don’t touch, wipe or rinse any surface. That is why it’s called touch-less disinfection and sanitisation.

How does the formula compare to other disinfectants?

Our Superior Efficacy (log 8 – 99.999999%) products are a broad-spectrum disinfectant that kills a wide range of bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi, performing better than other disinfectants. Improved Safety Bleach and other leading disinfectants are carcinogenic (cancer causing) and mutagenic (mutating genes). They can also cause severe eye, skin and lung irritation. Sanosil products such as ours contain no toxic ingredients and are the safer choice for disinfecting.

Do they kill Covid 19?

Yes. The formula we use has been independently tested and approved to kill the Covid 19 Corona Virus. It is also effective against mutating viruses because it works in three ways to kill microorganisms. Other leading disinfectants kill in only one way making them ineffective against mutating viruses.

Do they kill mould?

Yes. The products kills many different types of mould including Aspergillus niger and Trichophyton mentagrophytes.

Do they provide residual disinfecting?

Yes. They leave behind a safe, undetectable layer of silver ions on surfaces. This helps prevent future contamination of the surface.

Where can the disinfection products be used?

Our products can be used anywhere including: Hospitals, Care and Nursing Homes, Offices, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Children’s Nurseries, play areas, Gyms, Sports Centres, Public Transport, Residential Homes, Cars, Caravans, Boats, Cruise Liners, Aircraft and Airports.

Anywhere people congregate or pass through.

On what surfaces can they be used?

The process works effectively on almost every surface except copper, including: Desks, Electrical Equipment (including keyboards and monitors), Metal, Soft Furnishings, Wallpaper, Light Fittings, Door Handles, Glass, Ceramics, Carpet, Wood, Plastic and many other surfaces.